Pre-Service English Teachers’ Readiness to Develop Digitalized Authentic Materials with Islamic Values

Edwin Nuvianto Al Azis(1*), Toyyibah Toyyibah(2),

(1) IAIN Kediri
(2) IAIN Kediri
(*) Corresponding Author


This study concerns on revealing pre service teachers' readiness to develop digitalized authentic materials with Islamic values. To reveal those, a narrative framework is used by taking the story from the pre service teachers pursuing master degree in Islamic Institutions.The narratives are taken from one male and one female student who also ever had got teaching experience.Those narratives are explored by using thematic analysis. The data showed that the pre-service teachers believe that the readiness to develop digitalized authentic materials with Islamic values was not optimal because of the existing instructional materials provided by the government, lack of confidence as new teachers, and their limited autonomous access to their classes as a new teacher. English textbooks provided by the government is only general English. so that, it makes the teachers only follow the materials instead of developing the authentic materials with Islamic values which are fundamentally needed by students studying in Islamic institution, such modifying the materials from book reflected moslem activities. Therefore, to overcome those challenges the pre service teachers follow things such as: pursuing master degree, following workshop, seminar, consultation, and having access to journals related to utilizing digital platform to develop English authentic materials .


Islamic Values; English Authentic Materials; Digitalized Authentic Materials; English Teachers' Readiness


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