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Premise: Journal of English Education and Applied Linguistics (p-ISSN:2089-3345 and e-ISSN: 2442-482x) is a scientific journal published three times in February, June, and October with several 18-60 articles per year. It was established in November 2011 for printed and online on January 30, 2015. The legal standing of this journal is based on an issued letter by LIPI under SK no. 0005.006/JI.3.2/SK.ISSN/2011.12 - December 5, 2011 (begun from December 5, 2011) and its barcode 9772089334000 for printed version and issued a letter by LIPI under SK no. 0005.2442482X/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2015.02 – 03/1/2015 (February 18, 2015) and its barcode 9772442482003 for an online version. The current indexation is in SINTA 3, dated December 30, 2020, by the issued letter No B/1796/E.5.2/KI.02.00/20. It was renewed by a new indexation status. It is currently indexed in SINTA 3, dated October 3, 2022, by the issued letter No 204/E/KPT/2022. This status is valid until Volume 15 No 2, 2026. 

Premise publishes articles as the results of research and scientific work, either empirical or conceptual. This journal focuses on research and conceptual articles done by any English teacher or lecturer within Indonesia or overseas countries. It allows any writer to submit up to 10-15 pages or equivalent with 3000 to 7000 words in range. It applies APA style in all articles submitted to this journal, and more than 5000 to 7000 words are preferable. While the scopes include English Language Teaching (ELT) in EFL or ESL context, English applied linguistics (EAL) in any form: empirical or conceptual.

Premise is managed by the English Education Department Program of FKIP: Muhammadiyah University of Metro (UMM) Metro Lampung and published by the Scientific Publication Unit of Universitas Muhammadiyah Metro in collaboration with the (Association of English Education Program of Indonesia) in Lampung and APSPBI. Also visit Premise Journal Facebook.

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Premise always keeps improving the quality of articles to gain excellent manuscripts standardized in national and international indexing and achieve accreditation of the Higher Education Accreditation. The support of researchers is indispensable for the progress of the Premise. The Journal has been indexed in the Indonesian Publication Index (IPI), GOOGLE SCHOLAR, Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), Universal Impact Factor (UIF), Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Dimension, etc.

Article Processing charges (APCs) are IDR 500.000 when the article is published. Foreign authors than Indonesian are free of charge. However, any donation is welcome. 

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Vol 12, No 3 (2023): Premise Journal: e-ISSN 2442-482x, p-ISSN 2089-3345

All 24 articles are in editing

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Rina Wahyuni
Rizki Denarti, Ika Lestari Damayanti
Adrefiza Adrefiza
I Gede Bayu Kartika Yasa, Made Hery Santosa, I Putu Indra Kusuma
Izza Amalia Rahman, Laela Hikmah Nurbatra
Lailatus Sa'adah, Syafi'ul Anam, Daning Hentasmaka
Iin Inawati, Fidya Felinda Ilahude, Bambang Widi Pratolo
Awdrey Nanda Liliyan, Yulianto Sabat
Muhamad Nova, Indah Utami Chaerunnisah, Ni Kadek Herna Lastari
Emma Rosana Febriyanti
Nuraviah Alfiana
Nanda Astuti, Siti Sarah Fitriani, Kismullah Kismullah
Nadia Nabilah

Reviewed Articles

Stephani Fahra Caroline