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(1) SMP Excellent Al-Ikhlas Rembang
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This study aims to provide comprehensive insights into EFL students' perceptions on the use of the liveworksheets as teaching and learning platform. The study involved 8 grade students that consist of 9 female and 5 male students. The data were collected through surveys and interviews. The survey explored aspects such as ease of use, usefulness, satisfaction, and benefits of the liveworksheets platform in EFL learning. The interviews provided deeper insights into students' perceptions, experiences, and perspectives. Survey data will be statistically analyzed using descriptive techniques. While interviews data will be coded, categorized, and grouped into themes and sub-themes. The result shows that 78,6% students have ever done the assignment by using liveworksheets. From the frequency of the used, it was found that 57,1% students get their first impression in this research. 50% students find that it is suitable with their needs. 85,7% students feel that it is fun. From the likert scale shows that 71,4% students feel this paltform is easy to access. 78,5% students say this paltform has fascinating display. Then, 78,5% students convey this platform has various type of task.  It can be concluded that liveworksheets as a teaching and learning platform is easy to access, has fascinating display, and available in various type of task.


EFL students’ perceptions, Liveworksheets, teaching and learning platform


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24127/pj.v12i3.8188


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