Vol 10, No 1 (2020)


Fostering Transferable Creativity: A Core Role for Art Education in School Curriculum
Arthur Cropley

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Job Satisfaction of TPK Group Yogyakarta Employees: Organizational and Industrial Psychology Perspectives
Hairani Yainahu, Devi Damayanti, Devi Damayanti

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Empowering Pedagogical Competences of Islamic Education Department Students in an Inclusive Setting Learning
Ratna Sari, Elsa Daneska, Adinda Hartanti

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Occupational Well-Being of School Staff in Full Day and Half Day School Teachers
Ulifa Rahma, Yulia Dwi Anggreni, Faizah Faizah, Yuliezar Perwira Dara

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Islam and Counseling: Model of Practice in Matrilineal System of The Minangkabau Culture
Fadhilla Yusri, Yeni Afrida

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Evaluation of "How To Be A Good Mentoring Training” Effectiveness for Peer Mentor
Andhika Alexander Repi

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Application of Lesson Study in Guidance and Counseling Services
Satrio Budi Wibowo, Eko Susanto

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Wayang Kancil Story Telling to Improve The Tolerance of Elementary School Students
Tri Winarsih, Komarudin Komarudin

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