Edi Santoso(1*),

(1) Teacher of SMA Negeri Olah Raga, Lampung Province
(*) Corresponding Author



The present study, entitled Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension through

Interactive Read-Aloud, attempts to unlock problems found in teaching and reading

comprehension through interactive read-aloud in a Senior High School of Sport (SMAN

Olah Raga) Lampung, in Metro. The findings revealed that students’ reading

comprehension improved through interactive read-aloud. The improvement can be seen

from the increase of test results, meaning construction, and motivation. The process of

reading activities showed that the teacher’s gesture and body language, 20 questions,

explain and guess activities were proven to help the students construct meaning from the

given texts. In addition, interactive read-aloud is effective to boost students’ motivation

to comprehend the texts.


Key words: Reading comprehension, interactive read-aloud.



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