Journal History

This journal was firstly published in 2011 under the issued letter by LIPI, SK no. 0005.006/JI.3.2/SK.ISSN/2011.12 - 5 Desember 2011 (mulai edisi 5 Desember 2011) with barcode 9772089334000 and in a volume with three issues annually. The period of publication is February, June, and October Edition. However, it was published in the printed version only. Since 2015, the online version was published simultaneously under the issued letter by LIPI, SK no. 0005.2442482X/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2015.02 – 03/1/2015 (18 Februari 2015) with barcode 9772442482003. Since then, therefore, both versions are simultaneously published every April and October regularly. It has been officially indexed by DOAJ since July 25,2017, in addition to some other index bodies such as SINTA, IPI, and others. This journal has DOI number prefix with 10.24127/pj. In addition, the name of this journal has been proposed to change from Premise: Journal of English Education into Premise: Journal of English Education and Applied Linguistics. It is approved and thus the entire name of this journal is legal. The current indexation is SINTA 3 as issued by an official decree dated December 30,2020 No B/1796/E.5.2/KI.02.00/20 as placed in array 212. It is also ongoing proposed to get indexed in Copernicus, WoS and Scopus.