Vol 9, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Emotional Intelligence Review Based on Differences of Parenting Style in High School Students
Evi Safitri Girsang, Yulinda Septiani Manurung, Susi Meliati Nainggolan
Page: 35-48
The Optimalization of Toddler Family Guidance (BKB) in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Yovitha Yuliejantiningsih, Dini Rakhmawati, Desi Maulia
Page: 49-56
Internal Motivation of College Attendance for Instructional Design Course
David Firna Setiawan
Page: 57-67
The Meaning of Being a School Counselor (Phenomenology Studies on Fresh Graduate)
Andi Wahyu Irawan
Page: 68-75
Compassion Fatigue Resiliency Program to Reduce Compassion Fatigue of Midwifery Students in Muhammadiyah University Sidoarjo
Mei Shinta Dewi, Tanalin Norfirdausi, Frikson C Sinambela
Page: 76-84
Psychological Dynamics of Patients with Schizophrenia Psychological Disorders Psychological Dynamics Of Schizophrenia Psychological Disorders Patients
Mega Indrawati Onggo, Ktut Dianovinina, Samuel Dimas
Page: 85-92
Media Book Stories Regarding Forms of Bullying in Classical Guidance Activities for Elementary School Students
Yunisa Asih Prasetya, Wirda Hanim, Lara Fridani
Page: 93-102
Application of Group Guidance Service in Improving English Communication of Young Mosque Activist
Hengki Yandri, Dosi Juliawati, Musdizal Musdizal
Page: 103-108
Implementation of Three Good Things in Life Training on Subjective Wellbeing Improvement in Student Master Degree of Professional Psychology
Mohammad Fauzi Setiawan, Nono Hery Yoenanto
Page: 109-113
Adaptation of Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) Program to Improve Social-Emotional Competence (SEC) Educarer in Child Care Parks (TPA)
Anak Agung Sagung Ratih Damayanti, Nerissa Wijaya, Hartanti Hartanti
Page: 114-123