Vol 7, No 1 (2017)


The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy towards Self Acceptance on Students in BOPKRI 2 Yogyakarta Senior High School
Annisa Warastri

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Treatment for Disruption of Smartphone Use in Learning Activity Through School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
Arina Mufrihah

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A Study on The Marriage Phenomenolgy of Commuter Marriage Spouse
B’tari Sekar Nastiti, Bagus Wismanto

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The Role of Social Emotional Health on Academic Achievement of College Students
Intan Shabrina Yansaputri, Hariz Enggar Wijaya

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Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Student Learning Achievement
Hendra Hadiwijaya

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Should Students Engaged to Their Study? (Academic Burnout and School-Engagement among Students)
Fitri Arlinkasari, Sari Zakiah Akmal, Nur Wahyuni Rauf

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Self-Concept in Student Learning and Motivation Truant : Descriptive-Correlation Studies
Erlina Harahap, Nurhasanah Pardede

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Contribution Locus of Control and Self Esteem to Student Academic Procrastination (Study at Department of Islamic Guidance And Counseling, IAIN IB Padang)
Juliana Batubara, Asriatuzzeky Asriatuzzeky

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Logotherapy Counseling to Improve Acceptance of Broken Home Child
Erwin Erlangga

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(Retracted) Validation of Psychological Resilience Youth Developement Module and Implication for Guidance and Counseling
Kadek Suranata Suranata, Adi Atmoko, Nur Hidayah

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Hope of Success and Fear of Failure Predicting Academic Procrastination Students Who Working on a Thesis
Sari Zakiah Akmal, Fitri Arlinkasari, Andi Ulfa Febriani

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Analysis of Social and Emotional Development of Orphaned Youth in terms of Self Concept and Resilience: Study at Child Care Children's Home (PSAA) Tunas Bangsa Pati
Santoso Santoso, Edris Zamroni

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Social Support for Wives in Advanced Studies
Icha Kusumadewi

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The Relationship Between Intelligence and Learning Motivation on Childrens With Special Need in Inclusive Elementary School
Komarudin Komarudin

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Analysis of Ethnic Group Relations in Living Life
Rafael Grady Christianto, Rieanda Febisahfitri, Erdi Husnul H, Rahmadita Anisa F, Bonar Hutapea

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Improvement of Students’ Ability to Analyzing Cases on Case Studies Through Journal and Learning Log
Riska Ahmad

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The Development of Group Guidance Service Model to Increase The Competence Of Counselor Candidate
Farida Aryani, Muhammad Ilham Bakhtiar

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Cultural Aspects on Child’s Development and Parenting in Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Yohanes Servatius Lon, Fransiska Widyawati

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