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(2) Pendidikan Biologi
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Teaching materials are an important part of learning because they can help students learn and facilitate the learning process. Development of high school biology practicum  the course is one of the elective courses that do not have teaching materials that are used specifically by students. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the needs of students for the needs of teaching materials and to find out the material that needs to be in teaching materials. This research is a descriptive study with a sample size of 46 students who were randomly selected. The sample is students who take pengembangan praktikum biologi SMA course. The data collection technique was done by using questionnaires and interviews. The data analysis technique was carried out by using descriptive techniques. The results showed that students needed teaching materials in the form of textbooks in printed form. The materials that need to be available include preparation for practicum implementation, preparation of practical learning tools, objectives and forms of practicum, examples of developing high school biology practicum based on KD, and practicum assessment.

Kata kunci: buku ajar, kebutuhan, pengembangan, praktikum

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24127/bioedukasi.v12i2.4439


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