Vol 7, No 2 (2017)


Metaphor Counseling and Students Responsibility on Elementary School
Riana Mashar, Juntika Nurihsan

Page: 140-152| doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.820
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Reality Group Counseling to Improving Self-Esteem of Students
Meiske Puluhulawa, Moh. Rizki Djibran, Mohamad Rizal Pautina

Page: 153-157| doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i1.859
Abstract views: 368 | PDF views: 114 | Download:

Emotion Focused Coping in Single Mother Who has Adolescence with Autism
Elisabet Fransiska Dina, Faizah Faizah, Yuliezar Perwira Dara

Page: 158-163| doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.979
Abstract views: 275 | PDF views: 86 | Download:

Data Collection Methods on Learning Outcome, Student Achievement and Academic Achievement
Utami Puji Lestari, David Firna Setiawan

Page: 164-173| doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.984
Abstract views: 401 | PDF views: 178 | Download:

Correlation of Sensation Seeking with Entrepreneurship: Study on Fresh Graduate Universitas Syiah Kuala
Rahmad Mirza, Eka Dian Aprilia

Page: 174-180| doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1016
Abstract views: 237 | PDF views: 36 | Download:

Job Satisfaction and Commitment in The Era of Decentralization: Case Study of Family Planning Design
Andi Parianti, Hashim Fauzy Bin Yaacob

Page: 181-188| doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1253
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Metaphor Windows and Mirror Technique in Cooperative Games for Develop Emotional Literacy on Children
Galang Surya Gumilang

Page: 189-199| doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1006
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The Development of Learning Resources to Avoid Violence Acts on Children
Andi Ahmad Gunadi

Page: | doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1041
Abstract views: 223

The Influence of Peer Social Support to Student with Special Needs in Elementary Schools Inclusion
Mega Ayu Pitaloka, Faizah Faizah

Page: | doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1048
Abstract views: 236

The Role of Counselors in the Development of Career Planning for Youth Inmates
Afdal Afdal, Elviana Elviana, Alizamar Alizamar

Page: | doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1049
Abstract views: 338

The Effectiveness of Public Speaking Training with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Public Speaking Anxiety among both Gender
Anisa Indah Lestari, IGAA Noviekayati, Sahat Saragih

Page: | doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1050
Abstract views: 227

Relationship Between Hope, Religiusity, Social Support, Resiliency And Subjective Well Being
Eem Munawaroh, Muslikah Muslikah, Suharso Suharso, Gesti Rosdiana

Page: | doi: 10.24127/gdn.v7i2.1063
Abstract views: 336