Dwijowati Asih Saputri, Marlina Kamelia, Shinta Almayra, Siti Fatayati


This study aims to look at the anatomical and morphological changes of leaves in soybean (Glysin max L. (Merril) and reeds (Imperata cylindrica L)  in two places (open and shaded). Soybeans and reeds are grown on open land and shaded land. Shade treatment is designed with Complete Random Design. For reeds, sampling was carried out in two places, that are beside the Raden Intan Lampung UIN football field (open), and at PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII (shaded). The results showed that the number of stomata on soybean leaves in shaded areas was less, whereas those of reeds leaves showed the opposite results. Leaf width and leaf thickness in soybean and reed plants do not show different changes. but with a smaller thickness average. Changes in the number of stomata, thickness, and width of leaves are some of the morphological adaptations of soybean and reed plants that live in two different conditions.


Kata Kunci:   Imperata cylindrica L., anatomi, morfologi, daun,  Glysin max L. (Merril).  


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