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Heavy metals pollution cannot be avoided since there is an industrial and technological advancement. They have great potential to contaminate soil and water in the environment, while soil and water are the growth medium for food crops. This research aims to analyze nutrient content of kangkoong that are grown on chromium-contaminated media by magnesium controlling method. This research uses the experimental method by controlling magnesium on chromium-contaminated media for kangkoong. Based on the results of this study, the magnesium controlling method on chromium-contaminated media can affect protein, vitamin A, and vitamin C levels. The interaction between chromium contamination with magnesium controlling method only has a significant effect on protein level but no significant effect on vitamin A and vitamin C. This has been proven statistically with a two-way ANOVA test with a significance value < 0,05.

Kata kunci: kangkung,  logam kromium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C


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